JPB Consultancy is a boutique consultancy firm that was established to help businesses maximise their growth through the delivery and implementation of innovative strategies. 


Having worked with companies of all sizes at different stages of their business journey, the team understands the challenges businesses face in order to succeed and stay at the top of their game. 


This is why we tailor our offering for every client depending on their needs to ensure they get the best possible results for their business. 

Meet The Founder

Jack Preddey

Managing Director

Jack is the Founder and Managing Director of JPB Consultancy. Having always had a passion for business, Jack started his first company whilst still at University and quickly learnt the importance of having the right strategies and processes in place in order for a business to grow and succeed. 


It was Jack’s early endeavours in business that inspired him to start JPB Consultancy so he could help other business succeed and reach their goals.


Away from the business world Jack is a passionate sportsmen and having competed in his chosen sport at a high level he takes the many lessons learnt through being in high performance environments and applies this to the business world. 

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