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Establish Your Content Direction

A few weeks ago, we wrote a blog that dissected how to re-focus your businesses spotlight during the Covid-19 period so to not fall behind your competitors. A common theme was established from those who reached out about the post - “I don’t know what kind of content I should be posting”.

With the rapid growth of content platforms such as Vlogs and Podcasts it is important you recognise what your target audience wants to see from your business and adjust accordingly, or risk falling behind your competitors that are adapting.

Lets break this down using JPB Consultancy as an example. When strategizing about our content, we collectively decided that although being the largest player in the content world, social media was not going to be the right fit for the audience we wanted to attract.

Following some extensive analysis of the situation at hand, we determined that the most beneficial way of engaging with new consumers was going to be through a corporate model. For example, posting blogs and comments on LinkedIn and connecting with relevant contacts there rather than pushing the same content on channels such as Facebook or Instagram.

We felt as though these channels were too broad and it would be more difficult to attract the right style of consumer. Of course not everyone who sees your content is going to read/watch/listen to it, but this targeted approach seems most logical. Time will tell if we got it wrong, but you must have the patience to give time to a strategy before discarding it.

Now, it’s important to understand that this is the strategy in place that we think will work for us. Although analysing your competitors and other businesses and reviewing what strategies are successful for them is a solid practice, it should not be the foundation method for which you create your own content strategy. So, what should be a foundation method for content strategy?

Your current audience are your greatest asset – use them!

It is almost a certainty that your target audience have a similar mindset to those that are already engaged with your business. Tap heavily into that knowledge and dissect what styles of content have engaged them in the past and what they would like to see in the future! Listen to that feedback and execute those strategies to drive new engagement and generate traffic to where it matters most – you!

Still unsure about creating or implementing an appropriate content marketing strategy? Send me an email at and we can divulge a few extra tips about getting your content marketing on track.

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